Tiger Woods reigns in his overly ambitious goals [video]

Tiger Woods

Woods has now fallen to 278th in the Official World Golf Rankings. He was 32nd at the start of the year, and desperately needs a decent finish if he wants a chance of competing in the FedEx Cup playoffs.

Standing at 186th in the FedEx Cup rankings with 147 points, Tiger must make it into the top 125 by the end of next week’s competition at Wyndham. He must commit to the Wyndham Championship by Friday.

“If I play well, I play well and I’ll play in more events,” Woods said. “If I don’t, then I have more time to practice and get ready for the following events, for the next season and obviously some of the things I do on a global level.”

Woods also expressed his lack of concern over his position in the world rankings.

“I know I’m in the 200s somewhere, but as far as paying attention to it, no,” he explained. “I’m just trying to get better. I’m just trying to get up there where I can win tournaments, get my game organized so I can be consistent on a tournament basis where I’m going to give myself a chance to win each and every event I play in. That’s what I have done over most of my career, and I’d like to get to that point again where I could do that.”

This article was written by Christian Abbas, exclusively for ilovegolfdaily.com



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