Top 10 Albatrosses on the European Tour [VIDEO]

Albatrosses are hole scores that you don’t see – or hear of – very often at all. These scores are substantially more difficult to pull off than an eagle, and their probability of occurrence is closer to that of a hole in one.

An albatross is only possible on a par 5 given that these are the only holes that a player can score 3-under-par without getting a hole in one. In order to sink a par-5 in two, players must hit a long drive, then hole a long, extremely accurate second shot. These long approach shots are often played over a much longer distance than some par-3s, and this makes them even more unlikely than an ace.

Not only do players have to be able to reach the Tour-level greens in two shots, but they also have to do so with enough precision to steer the ball into the hole. No matter how good you are, Lady Luck’s got to play some sort of role in any albatross being scored.

Check out the video on the following page, showing the top ten albatrosses on the European Tour.

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