Top 10 Unique Swings on the PGA Tour [video]

We all get taught the technically ‘right’ way to play golf. That’s a seemingly endless list of technique factors which, if performed correctly, should result in the perfect shot.

However, some of the best players on the PGA Tour have what you might call ‘unconventional’ swings, bending the rules as they see fit. It just goes to show that there is more than one way to do it right.

Take Bubba Watson, for example, who grew up in Florida trying to shape shots around his family house. He developed his ‘swing out of your shoes’ style of shot at the young age of six, and carried this characteristic well into his teenage years. His self-taught move has resulted in him being one of the game’s longest hitters.

Jim Furyk has perhaps the most bizarre swing on the Tour, and his strong performance has stayed relatively consistent since before 2000. Furyk takes the club back with an outwards hip turn, brings it straight up to the sky before looping round and making contact with the ball, not to mention his overlapping grip.

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