Top Ten Animal Encounters on the PGA Tour [video]

The game of golf provides us with an amazing way to get away from the madness of day-to-day life and escape for a while. There’s nothing like spending a few hours in a peaceful golf course setting to relax and unwind.

Encountering wild animals during a game is always nice, and as well as contributing to the natural, outdoors experience, they often provide us with some good entertainment.

We recently talked about the time the baby bear danced with the pin for a group of unsuspecting Canadian golfers. This time, we’ve got the top ten animal encounters on the PGA Tour, and given that these matches are played in very different locations, we see a very diverse selection of animals.

In the video, which is on the following page, we witness an attack from a swarm of bees, an iguana lending a helping hand by pushing a ball towards the hole and a high diving turtle.

Fortunately, the turtle was okay.

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