3 Useful Tips for Green-Side Chips

It’s the close shots around the green that can really make a difference to your round. If you get on the green and near the hole, the one-putts will help you to shave a few extra strokes off your game. The difficult thing about these shots is that you must alter your technique depending on a number of factors, such as the ball’s lie and how much green you have to work with.

Here are three useful tips which should help you save a few strokes each round.

#1 Hitting from a fairway or short rough

Select a relatively low-loft club for this type of shot. If you have a lot of green to work with, you could go as low as a 5-iron. If you don’t have as much ground to play with, try something like a 7-iron or 9-iron instead.

Position the ball at the middle of your stance, and move your hands slightly forward of centre to close the club’s face. Then, while keeping your wrists relatively straight, take a short backswing and pop your club through the ball. This technique will allow you to get the loft needed to land straight on the green, and the ball will have enough pace to roll towards the pin.

#2 Hitting from a deep rough lie

Pick a really lofted club, like a sand iron or lob wedge, and open the face up even more when you approach the ball. Position the ball between your right foot and the centre. Then, when you go to take you swing, keep your left arm as straight as possible, forcing the ball to pop of the heavy lie and onto the green.

#3 Hitting from a fluffed lie in the rough

Take a sand iron or pitching wedge for this type of shot, and position the ball in the middle of your stance. Keep your left arm straight throughout impact, allowing you to make a firm connection with the ball.

When you take your backswing, try not to hinge your wrists too much, and you should have a better level of control over the length and direction of the shot.


Image Credit: GolfMag



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