[Video] Guinness World Record – The Longest Usable Golf Club

Karsten Maas longest golf club

If you have ever browsed through the Guinness Book of World Records, you will have noticed that people have gone down in history for achieving some really bizarre feats. We’ve seen an American man set a record for holding the most golf balls in one hand (24), and a Spaniard who has accumulated a massive collection of 4,393 different golf clubs! Well now, Danish golf pro Karsten Maas has set a new world record for having the longest usable golf club.

In the video on the following page, Maas tells how he first decided he wanted to get his name in the record books. After scouring through years and years of world records, he found one that he thought he could beat. A man in South Africa held the record for having the longest usable golf club, and Karsten Maas set himself a challenge to better it.

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