[Video] Little Peter Does Not Like Missing Putts!

young golfer

When watching kids so young playing with golf clubs, it really makes me wish I had got into the game at an earlier age. Understanding the basic skills so early on is what’s needed to allow you to develop into one of the best.

This hilarious video shows little Peter messing around on a putting green with his father. His first putt is a tap-in at most, and he sinks it without a problem before picking the ball out of the hole with a look of satisfaction on his face. He’s had his first experience of the highs of the game, and now for the lows.

His second putt does not go down quite as well, and after lipping a 6-inch putt, the aspiring golfer is not at all happy. He starts furiously waving his plastic club around in the air, before throwing it down on the green. And as if his dissatisfaction wasn’t obvious enough, he starts jumping up and down on the spot, before falling to the floor and rolling about in rage!

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