WATCH: 3 Challenging Short-Game Shots

When getting closer to the green, our shots become a little more complex. It’s no longer a matter of simply picking the club that will send the ball the required distance; you must take various other factors into consideration.

Here are some of the toughest short-game shots.

Deep-Grass Pitches

Thick-rough lies often lead to one of two negative outcomes: a wild swing at the ball or an unconfident, half-hearted attempt that gets your club tangled.

The best technique to use is a punchy swing with your sand wedge, a long back swing and a short, dedicated swing through.

Find some long rough and practice this swing. Feel the resistance of the grass to get a feel for it. You will likely have to tighten your grip somewhat to stabilize the clubhead, preventing the grass from grabbing and closing the club face.


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