WATCH: Bird bounces a golf ball on a cart path to amuse itself

If you are a golfer, you will probably be well aware of what happens when a ball bounces on a cart path. If you’re a bird, however, the chances are that you don’t know what a cart path or golf ball even are.

The video below shows a clip of a seriema, a sort of ostrich-swan hybrid commonly found in South America, that has come across a bunch of golf balls near a cart path. The bird wastes no time in picking up a ball, before sprinting to the cart path and testing out its bounciness.

It’s hard to say for sure whether the bird was amused or terrified. It seems to be having a lot of fun to me, and it quickly picks up the ball again for round two after the first attempt.

Watch the video below. If you find it funny (you will), don’t forget to share!




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