Watch Sergio Garcia play a totally submerged ball before making par

It’s been a fair while since Sergio Garcia got another PGA Tour win under his belt. In the meantime, however, he’s been developing a reputation for pulling off some seriously amazing recovery shots.

The most recent happened on the opening round of the Honda Classic on Thursday. Teeing off on the par-5 18th at PGA National, the Spaniard’s ball found its way into the water. When Garcia neared the hazard, he could still see the ball, completely submerged, sitting about an inch under the water level.

So Garcia put on his waterproofs and took stance over the ball. Fortunately for him, the ground by the edge of the hazard was fairly solid, allowing him to perform a controlled swing. When he come down on the ball, water and mud when everywhere. But right enough, Garcia’s ball popped out of the water and onto the middle of the fairway.

I’ve tried this type of recovery shot countless times, but I somehow always end up losing it in the muddy depths of whatever water hazard I’m in.

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