Woman Shows Why You Shouldn’t Try to Backflip a Bunker

If we were going to make a list of things that you should not do in a bunker, this one would be right up there. This video, which has gone viral this week, shows a golfer attempting to backflip off the lip of a bunker.

When the woman gets into position, she appears to know what she’s doing. However, when she launches herself off the lip of the bunker, she doesn’t rotate nearly enough to land on her feet. Instead, she ends up with a face full of sand.

Fortunately she doesn’t seem to have hurt herself. You can hear her laughing after she face-plants on the floor.

If you’ve not already stopped reading this to hit the play button, well, what are you waiting for?

Notice how to caddie doesn’t jump in to help the girl!?

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This article was written by Christian Abbas, exclusively for ilovegolfdaily.com



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