Woods posts swing to Twitter, McIlroy mocks him

Tiger Woods is back to hitting golf balls again. Although he still has not laid out a timetable for returning to the game competitively, the 14-time major champ used his Twitter account to refute claims he was having difficulty moving about.

Woods posted a video showing him practicing a 9-iron on his at-home simulator. “Progressing nicely,” the caption read. The clip has been retweeted over 12,600 times, one of which was by Rory McIlroy.


On Tuesday night Woods enjoyed dinner at a local restaurant along with fellow Nike golfers Brooks Koepka, Scott Pinkney and Tony Finau, among others. Asked after the event if Woods appeared to be in any pain, Finau said no.

“It was pretty cool just to be around him, a guy I grew up idolizing,” Finau said. “It was pretty cool for him to share stories, hear him open up about some of the wins he’s had. I remember watching the Masters in ‘97. He drew me to the game. He was a great athlete. It was really cool. When I saw that I turned my focus to golf.”

It has been a continual uphill struggle for Tiger during recent years as he attempts to free himself from injury. When he will return to the game is anyone’s guess.

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