You Need to Be Confident with These Two Types of Approach Shot

Being able to effectively put your ball on the green, and relatively near the pin, has a substantial impact on your ability to score well. During practice, many players focus solely on their longer game – irons and woods – while neglecting arguably the more important elements of the game.

A problem experienced by many players in their shot game is that they are not confident and purposeful enough with their approaches. Given the variation in conditions surrounding approach shots, it’s important to be able to alter your technique to suit the particular situation: is there space to roll the ball; are there any obstacles in the way; is the grass wet or dry?

We’re going to outline the two main types of chips you should be familiar with: hybrid chips and high pitches.


The hybrid chip is best suited when there are minimal obstacles between you and the hole, and you have some short fairway grass to work with. In order to encourage a lower trajectory, the technique you use should be more like a putting stroke than a full swing. Your wrists should only flex slightly throughout the swing, and you should reduce your body rotation. At the most, the club should reach a 45 degree angle from the ground during the backswing.

With a lower trajectory, the ball will roll further after landing on the ground. This shot type is preferred by many golfers as it removes much of the room for error associated with higher, more attacking pitches.

Position the ball right in the middle of your stance, and grip the club slightly lower down. Keep things simple, practice it, and you’ll quickly get a feel for how far the ball will roll.

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